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Mari's So-Called Life 5.6 (truncated version)

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--I just realized the last "real" update I sent was July 23! Apologies. I have been regularly updating with pictures, etc. So even when I'm a doof about sending mass updates you can check that. PLUS I always respond to one-on-one e-mails!So I had an update written out and Firefox shut down, so I'm re-doing this. I should know better. But there you go.The job takes up my entire life it seems, and it is INTENSE. I work more than I ever thought I possibly could. In terms of how the job is affecting me, it's good and bad. I'm gaining a lot of great experience and the people I work with/for are great. I'm exhausted though and insomniatic -- I can't get to sleep most nights because I'm worried about all the projects that are going on and what I may have forgotten (an example: I left a powercord to a laptop at an event venue…we got it back, but it was still a major stressor!). I work 9 a.m. until as late as 7…

9/23/06: Sailing in Annapolis

Mari, Maureen & Jami on the Seville, Maureen & Glen's sailboat. What fun we had!

Sailing 9/23/06

Shawn at the beginning of our sailing adventure.

Commodore Walker

Mari (w/ Glen in the background)

Owen is TWO (5)


Nonni Wanda and Owen

Having some grapes and milk for breakfast -- b'fast of champions!

Birthday offering with "Pa" and Momma Beth

Owen is TWO (4)

Oh the party will be fun!

WOW, Momma Beth is H-O-T-T!

Riding on the new tricycle from Dan & Georgia.

Eating the birthday cake that Momma Beth slaved over. YUMMO!

Owen is TWO! (3)

Double fisting: Juice and Milk

Heart shaped potato chip -- what are the odds?

Pre-party juice and new Thomas the Tank Engine video

First look around the party room

Owen is TWO! (2)

I think I've seen this picture before!

Eating some grapes.

With a present from Aunt Lee Ann -- a pig puppet! (Plus a dog, cat and horse puppet)

The Cat and pig puppets -- plus Momma Beth wearing Auntie M's shoes!

Owen is TWO!

Auntie M. Loves Baby O!

See how much fun we have?

Owen and Aunt Lee Ann

Sometimes Auntie M squeezes TOO much!