Mari's So-Called Life 5.6 (truncated version)

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--I just realized the last "real" update I sent was July 23! Apologies. I have been regularly updating with pictures, etc. So even when I'm a doof about sending mass updates you can check that. PLUS I always respond to one-on-one e-mails!

So I had an update written out and Firefox shut down, so I'm re-doing this. I should know better. But there you go.

The job takes up my entire life it seems, and it is INTENSE. I work more than I ever thought I possibly could. In terms of how the job is affecting me, it's good and bad. I'm gaining a lot of great experience and the people I work with/for are great. I'm exhausted though and insomniatic -- I can't get to sleep most nights because I'm worried about all the projects that are going on and what I may have forgotten (an example: I left a powercord to a laptop at an event venue…we got it back, but it was still a major stressor!). I work 9 a.m. until as late as 7 p.m. I rarely leave before 6 p.m. (we're supposed to go home at 5:30). But my boss stays late (she gets in around 10 most days) and there is ALWAYS more work to be done. I am a stickler for deadlines, and a lot of the work I do depends on other people, causing me to miss deadlines… It's a struggle but I'm making it.

Physically I haven't been taking the time to work out or really take care of myself other than basic things. I get home at night exhausted and just want to lie down… not work out. So I hope to get started on waking up early and getting the workout over with… I'm such an anti-morning person though so we'll see how it goes. I feel much better when I exercise -- I sleep better, etc. etc. so I just have to keep that in mind.

Last weekend Shawn and I went sailing with Dr. Nemecek and her husband, Glen. My undergrad thesis adviser was visiting DC on a book tour (I think) and so it was really fun to catch up with her. Shawn got to be "Commodore Walker" for a while and take control of the boat. That was exciting!

I got to go home for Owen's second birthday. It seems insane that he's already a little toddler instead of an infant. Life just goes by SO fast. He's growing and doing great, learning to speak. He can say "Mari," although it sound a little like "me-me" it's the BEST sound in the world. I love that kid. He's getting better about talking on the phone and we still web cam every week. It just isn't the same as living near enough to see him more than a few times a year. This is my main turmoil in life: wanting to be in two places at once: home in that life with Owen, Gran, Beth, Mama, etc. and here in this life with Shawn and my job, etc. Really how do you balance the two? Any suggestions are welcome…

My two worlds will collide at Christmas time. Shawn will be coming with me for Christmas. It is insanely scary but I think it will be a good time. I've got my vacation time approved and we have bought our plane tickets. I have to save my pennies to pay for the ticket, and I need to start my Christmas shopping… One thing I have to say is NO TICKLE ME ELMO FOR OWEN! Seriously… I guess that's really Beth's request, and she may differ from my opinion, but I can't imagine anything more annoying…

If you want the "full" version, e-mail me. ~Mari.

9/23/06: Sailing in Annapolis

Mari, Maureen & Jami on the Seville, Maureen & Glen's sailboat. What fun we had! Posted by Picasa

Sailing 9/23/06

Shawn at the beginning of our sailing adventure.

Commodore Walker

Mari (w/ Glen in the background) Posted by Picasa

Owen is TWO (5)


Nonni Wanda and Owen

Having some grapes and milk for breakfast -- b'fast of champions!

Birthday offering with "Pa" and Momma Beth Posted by Picasa

Owen is TWO (4)

Oh the party will be fun!

WOW, Momma Beth is H-O-T-T!

Riding on the new tricycle from Dan & Georgia.

Eating the birthday cake that Momma Beth slaved over. YUMMO! Posted by Picasa

Owen is TWO! (3)

Double fisting: Juice and Milk

Heart shaped potato chip -- what are the odds?

Pre-party juice and new Thomas the Tank Engine video

First look around the party room Posted by Picasa

Owen is TWO! (2)

I think I've seen this picture before!

Eating some grapes.

With a present from Aunt Lee Ann -- a pig puppet! (Plus a dog, cat and horse puppet)

The Cat and pig puppets -- plus Momma Beth wearing Auntie M's shoes! Posted by Picasa

Owen is TWO!

Auntie M. Loves Baby O!

See how much fun we have?

Owen and Aunt Lee Ann

Sometimes Auntie M squeezes TOO much! Posted by Picasa

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