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I've had to commandeer Shawn's computer to write this post (which could really be three separate posts) because my computer WILL NOT recognize my camera as a valid drive. For that and other reasons I'm in the market for a new camera and trying to decide between a DSLR or another point-and-shoot. I love the portability of P&S but dig the kick-ass pictures that I can take with my work camera.

How now, brown couch?!
Not shown is the matching ottoman, because I took this picture before it was delivered (yeah, two separate deliveries). We really need to figure out a new placement for that framed print, either slide it over to be centered over the couch or maybe add another, similarly sized print to its right. The blue in the mat and picture itself goes really well with the pillows for the couch (although who knew we'd get so many pillows?! and they are SO FIRM). It's a great place for a nap -- took my first one today!

I also still need curtains/drapes for the living room (plus get similar or matching valances for the window and door in the kitchen), and I'm thinking red or black/white graphic. Red would match/mimic/complement the dining room wall, or black and white would go with my dishes and still be OK with the blues in the couch pillows and image. Because my parents-in-law and aunt/uncle-in-law have been here I've learned all about drapery hooks/pins and pinch pleats, etc. for my options, because the curtain rod that's here is one of those that you can open and close with the pull of a cord.

The inlaws have also been invaluable in doing some work around the house. They trimmed a TON of shrubbery mess around the house, and once the debris is hauled off we'll have the prettiest house on the block. They also helped Shawn pull down the shower doors in both bathrooms. Now the rooms seem so much bigger, the shower is so much nicer and with more light. Delighted! Now Shawn is painting a room (pictures to come eventually) and we're contemplating dinner... We'll probably eat the sausages that came free from the dealer where Shawn bought ...

A MINIVAN. Yeah, that's probably the lead of this story. I haven't taken pictures of it, and it's raining now, but it's really nice and a great purchase for us. It means he can leave for work earlier than me and stay later without issue (in the apartment he could just ride the bus or his bike, but neither is really an option here). It also is great for shopping -- we can load that sucker up with whatever we want, and it's been very handy to travel with everyone at once -- seats six adults very comfortably, and probably seven uncomfortably.

Unrelated, a couple crochet projects to share:

A Bubbles Pattern baby blanket for Maelee
A crocheted pumpkin hat, from this pattern


Manhattan from Governor's Island, Summer 2010
It's like a non-meme meme, as almost every single blog I read has done a 9/11 post today or at least in the last few days. I really like the feature on the NYTimes showing a map of where people were color coded with how they're feeling now. Here is mine (now feeling hopeful, although that is a reflection of things in my life far removed from 9/11):
"I was in my car on the way to class at OSU. Heard the news on KATT and thought it was a weird joke."
Today's sermon was on forgiveness (the 77 times passage in Matthew), and it rattled at least one guy in church who cornered the pastor afterward to ask him how that could be that we should forgive. Why, if we did that, we'd just give up the country and be under terrorist's rule. I didn't stick around to hear the conclusion, maybe because I didn't hear the same message as far as how forgiveness is defined.

We didn't talk about 9/11 at all in Sunday school, which I think is in part a reflection of the class ... it seems all very much to be about what's happening in our lives today/rehashing our weeks, although without actually applying any scripture (seriously, we didn't even read a passage today). It's almost like we're trying to find our way without using the road map sitting right in front of us. And I'm not sure how to suggest another way.

Broken Weather

I hesitate to write about this, knowing we could easily shoot back into the 90s with insane humidity, but for now at least the heat has broken. We have fall-like temperatures (Shawn compared one evening to October in New York, so nice), perfect for walks around the new 'hood.  (OK, we've taken one walk, but that's a start.)

We survived Tropical Storm Lee unscathed -- just lots of rain last weekend and then beautiful clear mild days this week. It's been oddly comfortable, and downright cool in the mornings.

In other news, the first home football game is this weekend, so getting home was even more of a nightmare than usual. RVs rolling in, extra traffic from pre-tailgating tailgators. We made it home, and I don't intend to go out again tonight. Maybe not tomorrow either, although we'll see how I do on that.

Our couch has been ordered, and probably once it's here I will take pictures of our living room to post. I've hesitated to do a room-by-room post of our house or house video tour because of the idea of setting up a blueprint for potential thieves (I think someone at Maryland told me a story about that back in the day). But hopefully showing one room of furniture (and by no means decorated or styled) would be OK.

Oh ... still need curtains for the LR and kitchen and SERIOUSLY hoping that I can get something cool, black and white, and graphic from the Missoni for Target line launching next week ... although maybe I'll want something a little more swirly and a little less stripey. Or perhaps just solid curtains are the way to go for someone like me (someone so design challenged I mean).

Life, of Late

We have NOT been blown away by Tropical Storm Lee so far, and I hope we remain as lucky. Oddly my work is asking that I check in daily. I guess safety as a priority is OK, but do I really need to do ANY type of work, even if just 30 seconds, on a long weekend? I guess I should be glad they care? Meh.

So today has been a lazy, hang around enjoying the rain day. I did go out to buy some juice for church tomorrow. Our Sunday school class is responsible for coffee hour and I signed up for juice, thinking that would be easiest. It's also the heaviest. And I hope that what I bought can last us throughout the month, so I don't have to buy juice every single week.

I am finally using up my iTunes gift cards of last Christmas ... on the two Adele albums that I was reminded to buy by that VMAs video. I think I still have a bit leftover, which can pay for part of another album whenever I think of it next. I still don't buy apps or anything like that. Mostly because of lack of interest on my part, but also because my iPod touch is getting old and cranky. I'm lucky when it can connect to my wifi on its own. You get what you pay for (and it was free/I won it in a contest several years ago). It still plays tunes, i.e. serves its main purpose.

We had grand plans to couch shop today, but the rain and general attitudes made us decide to stay home. Maybe we can take advantage of sales on Monday if we're feeling up to it. The couch is the last BIG thing I really want to get soon. I'd also like drapes for the living room and new curtains for the kitchen soon. I should online shop.

Sorry for the non-post post. Trying out Blogger's new look and ... it's going to take some getting used to, but it probably is better overall. Ta.

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