Broken Weather

I hesitate to write about this, knowing we could easily shoot back into the 90s with insane humidity, but for now at least the heat has broken. We have fall-like temperatures (Shawn compared one evening to October in New York, so nice), perfect for walks around the new 'hood.  (OK, we've taken one walk, but that's a start.)

We survived Tropical Storm Lee unscathed -- just lots of rain last weekend and then beautiful clear mild days this week. It's been oddly comfortable, and downright cool in the mornings.

In other news, the first home football game is this weekend, so getting home was even more of a nightmare than usual. RVs rolling in, extra traffic from pre-tailgating tailgators. We made it home, and I don't intend to go out again tonight. Maybe not tomorrow either, although we'll see how I do on that.

Our couch has been ordered, and probably once it's here I will take pictures of our living room to post. I've hesitated to do a room-by-room post of our house or house video tour because of the idea of setting up a blueprint for potential thieves (I think someone at Maryland told me a story about that back in the day). But hopefully showing one room of furniture (and by no means decorated or styled) would be OK.

Oh ... still need curtains for the LR and kitchen and SERIOUSLY hoping that I can get something cool, black and white, and graphic from the Missoni for Target line launching next week ... although maybe I'll want something a little more swirly and a little less stripey. Or perhaps just solid curtains are the way to go for someone like me (someone so design challenged I mean).

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