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A Quote...

There are lots of ways of being miserable, but there's only one way of being comfortable, and that is to stop running round after happiness. If you make up your mind not to be happy there's no reason why you shouldn't have a fairly good time.
- Edith Wharton

Halloween Costume

Shawn and I met at a Halloween party. I went to a work-related one tonight. I didn't know what to dress up as, so I perused the costume store. When I saw this purple wig, I knew I had to have it! So I didn't really have a costume, other than I was wearing a wig, fishnets and black. :) I guess I was a "starlet" or something. Or maybe I was just "incognito." I have another party to attend next week - we're supposed to go as our "alter ego" - so I think this will suffice for that too. We'll see if I have a brilliant idea between now and then.

black & white...

This was* black and white damask. I like the graphic quality, the contrast of the black against white, and splashes of purple will really POP against it. I'm thinking a "seasonless" wedding - not something super spring like or floral. i may even pick a different black and white pattern, depending on what i can find and like...
*image removed at some point, and post updated March 2010

Future: New York

The city so nice they named it twice?

This was the start of a post I never published or finished. So I'll give it a brief go now. I need to get back to work!!!

I am preparing to pack up and ship out sometime in the next couple weeks. Should be interesting. I'm selling off much of my stuff. So anyone who needs a loveseat and comfy chair should e-mail me immediately! :)


a crochet project

12 teddy bears. I didn't get a straight on image, but it ended up being really cute, and not too hard.


BOO on Craigslist

I'm just trying to sell my stuff, but the THREE people who agreed to come buy stuff today are no-shows. I'm tired of waiting around and could be out running errands, or just more able to relax/take a nap/etc. I guess now I've just got to give it up.


I am having FUN on the internet looking at wedding stuff. I am SO going to be able to do this... I've also registered for a bunch of the bride sites...

Ah, someone is coming to pick up the silver lamp. And maybe I can sell him some of the other stuff people haven't picked up yet!!! I need to repost some stuff. LAME!

back to it. ~M.

The Engagement Story

SO, here's how it went down. (Not a surprise to me either, but I'm OK with that - imagine how close I was to telling more people than I actually did!) We went to Coney Island during the day, just as something to do. It was beautiful and we had authentic Nathan's hot dogs, went on the Wonder Wheel and sat on a bench talking/looking at the water. Then we came back to his apartment, got dressed up and went to dinner - a sushi place nearby. We were stared at VERY hatefully by a "true New York" couple - accents and all. Our chopsticks skills leave something to be desired, but we were pretty happy and ignored them for the most part. Something to get used to I guess - some people are excruciatingly rude here, but I digress.

We had tickets for the observation deck at the Top of the Rock, and we were able to go get in line at about 8 p.m. It took about 20 minutes to actually get to the top because there are only two elevators for that. But once up there (69th …


Mari, Ring & Shawn's Good Side
Originally uploaded by silvermari HOLLA!!! More details soon. ~Mari.