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A Dog and His Crown

Beth sent me this photo a couple weeks ago. I wanted to post it and laugh at the dumb dog. The story of how he came to our family is silly, and I'm not sure that I haven't written about it already. I couldn't find anything though.

About 7 years ago I was working at OSU, living in an apartment and having a pretty good time. I had just been unceremoniously dumped so was highly emotional (i.e. prone to giving into something like accepting a dog). But this dog was never supposed to be mine.

Across the busy road from our offices lived a guy named Sexy Chocolate. Seriously that's how he identified himself on his voice mail. He owned this puppy, Rascal, who jumped and escaped and loved to run in the road. After rescuing him several times from traffic, my coworkers decided that he had to be saved and that it would be easy to give him a new home (with Sexy Chocolate's permission, of course). Somehow I ended up being that home temporarily, despite the fact that I couldn'…

Vancouver Timeline

So I did a picture post, how about a quick bulleted list post of the things I did while I was in Vancouver? (Confession: every afternoon I took a rest/nap in the hotel ... I had to ask housekeeping to make up the room earlier so I wouldn't be disturbed ... talk about high maintenance!)
Saturday 7/16 we arrived and it was late. Checked into the swank hotel, showered off the airplane funk and conked out. We had free sit-down full service breakfast every morning so didn't have to worry about that!
Sunday 7/17 Shawn had to practice his talk so I walked around a bit on my own. Shops don't open up until 10 or later, so all I did was get a Tim Horton's latte and drink it on Granville St. Tim Horton's in NYC near my church on 86th and Park makes a MUCH better latte -- i.e. it's not a 7-11 style stick-the-cup-under-the-machine-and-hit-a-button as it was in Canada, rather in NYC they steam the milk and add it to the coffee. When Shawn was sufficiently rehearsed we walked n…

Vancouver: Favorite Pics

Review: Grouse Mountain

This is my Travel Advisor review, plus some pictures. More about the Vancouver trip soon... (I had grand plans to pre-blog while I was away, but I basically carted my computer to Canada for random email and blog reading. D'oh.)

Still not sure if it was worth the money to go to Grouse Mountain ($40 CAN per person), although I'm glad to say I've done it so probably was. It certainly was a hassle to get there and back to downtown.

We bought our tickets at Canada Place to ride the free shuttle to the base of the mountain. The girl manning the queue -- I believe her name was "Bran" -- was very chatty and told us to walk around but be back 10 minutes before the next bus arrived. When we did, she said "where are your numbers?" and "has your receipt been stamped?" She was the only one who would have done that, and we didn't know that needed to happen. So we didn't make that bus, shortening our time on the mountain by about an hour (time we sp…

She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

Listening to some Beatles before bed. We still don' have Internet hooked up at the house BUT I've been able to connect to a rogue linksys router, presumably belonging to a neighbor. Not good enough to work from home or anything, but certainly doable for a quick blog post.

I got a university ID today. I'm not a university employee, but I work on campus. When I started I asked about getting an ID and was told no. A new guy started and asked and voila, request granted. Whatever works. Now I can use the library and maybe some other perks. We'll see how it goes.

In the course of acquiring the ID a colleague and I walked to the student union ... the thunder started. Of course I didn't carry my purse (it was late afternoon and I was tired), so I didn't have my umbrella. Yep, we got soaking wet walking back. Ugh. I guess the exercise was good? I went home soon after that since it was 4:30 and I'd been at work well over 8 hours.

It was still raining, and I have to c…

Another Moment of Genius

In continuing news on the brain drain, when packing my coffee maker I somehow managed to leave coffee IN THE CARAFE! Granted it's a stainless thermal carafe, but still. It's been so long since I've made coffee that it was extra gross. Shawn managed to clean it up before I got home and it didn't do any real damage other than ruining a box. But COME ON!

Wonder what other doofenschmirtz things I'll be doing. So far I'm just trying to stay out of Shawn's way before we go back to our house. The first night's sleep there was good, although I laid awake for a while after getting up to use the loo in the night. We'll have to crank the AC a bit more, as I always sleep better when I'm cool.

Achieving Adulthood

We did it -- closed on our first house yesterday. The amount of space we have is mind boggling. We'll never be able to go back to our NYC ways of living together in less than 400 square feet of space!

Today Shawn and his amazing helpers got most of our stuff moved over (I'm writing this from the apartment and we'll take a load of foodstuffs and clothes to the house in a bit ... Internet not turned on at the house yet).

Realizing I don't have a good picture of the front of the house. I could steal one from the real estate listing, but those were taken when the trees were bare. The trees are not bare now -- there's even one that flowers purple!

We have a lot of work to do. I'm quite tired and ready to make the bed and fall asleep. More updates as we go from turning this house into our home.

Edit: Updated to thank Steve ... also, this was my 1000th post.

Brain Drain

I'm finding that I'm losing my mind, brain cell by brain cell. I find myself making a few more mistakes at work than normal -- nothing job threatening, but still annoying for this do-a-great-job-at-all-costs girl.

Last weekend I did the grocery shopping, loaded my purchases in our reusable bags except for the meat, which I always ask to be placed in plastic. I get home, bring in as much as I can and send Shawn out to get the rest. It wasn't until I tried to make dinner on Monday evening -- 24+ hours after shopping -- that I realized the meat wasn't in the fridge. I guess it sort of helps that Shawn didn't notice the meat in the trunk either (apparently I'd tucked it behind the crate we keep in the trunk), but surely I should have remembered while I was loading up the fridge. What an expensive mistake!

We use a calendar at work that's online and everyone can see each other's appointments. I was looking at this week, preparing for what I'd need to do …