work schmerk

Things are about the same as always. I'm just trucking along. I am crocheting a blanket - in the 12 teddy bear pattern from Gran - that is turning out SO cute. I'm starting to get hand cramps from so much crocheting!!! so i'll have to finish it later this week.

I guess...I don't have much to say. More in the next week though... STAY TUNED!


A new haircut

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My friend Barbara took me to a salon called Frizzles. Too funny. But I got a great haircut with loads of layers - and the blow out is great - she added curls at the end with just the brush and blowdrier. I can't stop looking in a mirror!

More photos on Flickr (click the photo to see - add me as a contact to see them all!) - this photo was trying to show the back too - with all the cute curls. This cut is going to look good curly or straight. Can't wait to play with it more!

To sleep. ~Mari.


I've been laid up for the past few days. I caught a cold from owen at his party, which morphed into a sinus infection. Me, being uneducated about such things, thought it was just a cold and that I'd get better. Well, pushing through/toughing it out was a BAD idea - i got sicker and worse with each day.

Finally on Thursday I went to the doctor, got some antibiotics and went home to lie in bed. SO I missed Thursday and Friday from work. Even though I got dressed for work on Friday thinking I could make it, my head was throbbing and just the pain. Unbelievable.

Today, Saturday, I'm feeling somewhat better. We'll see how it goes.


Don't Take Things Personally

"Rain does not fall on one roof alone."
-Cameroonian proverb
Remember not to take things personally.

(From my sheet-a-day calendar)

chest cold

i am still fighting this cold that i contracted from owen. yes, it was worth it to kiss his face, but now i've felt yucky for nearly a week! no fun. i hope to get better soon...

i've been resting up this weekend BUT yesterday my power was off, then the AC wasn't working, so the apartment was gross and almost uninhabitable. (with no power, i had no fans, so i split - saw Nanny Diaries - ugh) today the power is back on.

Sunday School started up again today. We're going to be starting a book about Hebrews next week. Should be pretty good. (The books hadn't arrived by today b/c had to be special ordered)

I had brunch at my friend Christine's house. I caught up with Emily who was there too. Emily and Christine worked at my job - E as receptionist and C as an intern. Christine made pancakes. Yummo! And BANGIN hashbrowns. Plus there was pineapple, juice and coffee. I drank from an Orange County Starbucks mug -- one of C's roommates is from the OC, just like my mama!

SO I haven't exactly been chained to my bed, even though I probably should be. I am treating the cough with Robotussin. And I have taken naps, going to bed early, etc.

I am looking forward to the VMA's tonight. Am I a NERD or what?


PS Wash your hands! Especially after playing with a sweet little 3-year-old! And don't share drinks... no matter how much he begs. :)


today is daddy's birthday.

i am writing a post from my new office! isn't that exciting? and naughty of me to blog at work. oh well, just wanted to share this moment.

it's COLD in here.



Owen's Birthday 2007 054
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By the end of the weekend Owen was a smidgen tired of having his picture taken. I definitely didn't take as many as the first couple times, but enough. Head on over to Flickr to see the rest (just click the photo) - they're mostly private except for what's on this blog, but if you become my contact i would be delighted to share my entire ~1800 photo collection.

Photo entries are SO FUN!

don't give me no lip

This is the lipstick I wore on the night I met Shawn: October 30, 2004. Owen had been alive for two months.

Wearing lipstick is something I should do more of - makes my teeth whiter and keeps my lips softer than normal - plus I can look more put together, right?

The only thing I dislike is how it wipes off. And it gets dry - the lipstick that is "long lasting" and what have you.

there was a little girl who had a crooked smile. she thought it was charming - like heather locklear's but not so much in reality.

"Never a lip is curved with pain That can't be kissed into smiles again."
Bret Harte


liquid eyeliner

i've been digging loreal's felt tipped eyeliner marker. good times.

but this is a picture of my eye from a few years ago. i should do more and more eye make up.

my eyes are some of my favorite features. i love mostly wearing copper and bronze shadows now - something to make the blue appear bluer. i also buy blue shirt after blue shirt in the attempt to further blue-it my eyes. it's part of what makes me me.

lips - that's another story...


Sneak Peek

Owen's Birthday 2007 026
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HOPEFULLY I'll get my act together and write a proper entry about the fun that was Owen's THIRD birthday party!

It was a blast. I am exhausted. Travel was easy and actually fun. I love getting to watch TV on an airplane, and I'm starting to like "How I Met Your Mother." Goon bait!

Off to bed in the hopes I can still fight off this icky germy cold... but it was worth it to kiss owen's face!


notes from shawn's dissertation

July 30, 2007

18 people plus Shawn. Most, even his adviser wore jeans!

Sitting and watching, I could see the water fountain. We had been warned not to drink the water - tastes pretty gross. I did find out WHY it gets so gross. An older Asian man (likely a professor) rinsed his hands in the fountain, splashing water into the mouth piece. ICK!

Shawn used a beautiful, simple PowerPoint. Dark purple with white text and lively movies.

This work may have biomedical applications, such as automatic testing.

I think he used the word "crap" when talking about the device of the experiment.


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