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I'm dating a DOCTOR!

Actually, dating sounds like such a casual word. How about, I'm in a relationship with a doctor? Hehehehehe. PhD babee! Here are some pics:

Dating a doctor

Pre-defense jitters
This is what FIVE YEARS at Maryland will do to a guy.

Post-defense juggle. He passed!!!

Shawn and his advisers, after the fact.It was a great day. ~mari.

marginal fiction

I was at an event last week, and I witnessed something and started taking notes. It wasn't particularly newsworthy, but it struck a chord with me. I decided to write it up anyway.

Two former college frenemies were both at the event. They were markedly different in appearance. One was in a fashionable 70s-print wrap dress with perfect make up, sleek long dark hair, a golden tan and spike peep toe heels. She was sitting alone and looked really excited to see a familiar face.

The other girl was less striking. Dishwater blond hair that might have been brushed that morning, wearing a black T-shirt and a grey corduroy skirt, with her work ID badge around her neck -- declaring her loyalty to the company and her complete transformation to DC worker bee. She's not wearing make up and has pale skin, but she's not alone. A colleague is with her.

She is polite to the better looking girl...almost. She answers the delighted, "Hi! How are you?" with a curt, "fine." Then …

chop chop

got a haircut today (monday anyway)... it's pretty short, relative to what i was rocking before. but i wasn't taking care of my long hair, and it was damaged and out of control. hopefully this will be better. i really need to dye it and cover some of the grey.

i played around with my website a bit more, adding back the desktop feature that my little sister likes -- really her idea for me to rip off jk rowling...although mine isn't flash, and it isn't fancy...and there's nothing hidden -- YET!

i am so tired during the days...what would help is if i would just get my butt in bed at a decent hour! being an adult is hard work.



yard sale

hello. here i am blogging from shawn's front yard. pretty funny i must say.

we're having beautiful weather. highs only in the low 80s, and we're not at the hottest part of the day. so you know if i can stand to be outside it must be nice.

i talked shawn into letting me bring out his computer to blog this experience! haha. we've had 20 customers or so, but haven't sold a whole lot. we've got a taker for his mini sofa and chair if they haven't sold... the guy said he'll come get it tomorrow. so that will be good. i've sold a few of my books, but most of my random stuff had already been taken to the Good Will. Oh well.

There was a water main break nearby. Question: how do they gauge that usage? Is it split among all the people in the line?

Now shawn's telling me something about a south park episode...about Butters deciding to flood the world and take over by turning on the hose in the back yard. And the authorities just turn it off. Oh well. Surely tha…


one week into my non-Owen time... for now.

here's a "lost" photo.

Owen all tuckered out on 4th of July.

Shawn has been juggling to relieve stress. He juggled for my family when they were here, and Owen was FASCINATED. Owen would try to mimic Shawn, moving his arms and whole body up and down with the balls in his hands. Then he'd throw them all up at once, watch them fly every which way and scream "Miss!" Oh he's a good boy.



julyj - update w/ captions

The first day after a visit is the hardest. Here are some photos:

Beth told me where this took place, but I forget...not on the boat.

Owen screaming for me to get him off this canon in front of the Potomac.

Owen sleeping on our Potomac boat cruise.

Playing with the toys at Beverley Park in Alexandria. FUN times.

Snooze in his shades on the way to the airport.

why wear your clothes as a hat? why not? but remember, chicken is NOT a hat...

The sweet little boy and his mama.

on the 4th of july -- on the mall -- playing with his new back hoe...