Toddler Road Trip Successes

Having just survived a big road trip with a 25-month-old I thought I'd share a couple successes for keeping her entertained. It was by no means easy or fun, but it was manageable. I just wish she'd sleep more!

Gel clings on a white board
We have this amazingly cool travel tote box with one side as a white board and one side as a chalk board. It slides open to store goodies -- crayons, books, etc. I had bought some window gel clings from the dollar bin at Target, thinking that Jane and I would decorate our French doors and sun room windows. That didn't work out so well/she wanted to keep pulling them down and playing with them, so I brought them with us so she could do that on the white board. That was an activity that was a lot of fun for a long period of time. She would rearrange them, pick them up and put them back on their plastic holsters, etc. I'd definitely recommend that or something like it if you're trapping a toddler in a confined space for a long time. (Or if you just need one to sit still for a while!)

Old wallet with expired cards and pictures
Wallets full of old cards turned out to be a lot of fun. I think I saw the idea on Pinterest, although really who knows. As I was cleaning things out for a big Goodwill run I found some old wallets (and some Forever stamps, hurray!). I filled a couple up with different expired membership cards, small photos, etc. and let Jane have fun pulling things out and putting them back in. She always wants to play with my wallet when we're checking out at a store, so this is could be a good thing to carry and hand her when I don't want her to play with mine (which is always, but usually it's not in her direct line of vision). It was a great car toy, and she especially had fun looking at baby pictures of Owen.

Take it or leave it was a soft neck pillow with a bear face (affiliate link). Jane slept half an hour on the 12 hour drive there and about an hour on the 12.5 hour drive back. The pillow didn't make her sleepy or comfy, although it's so soft I figure she can at least enjoy it as a plaything during travel.

Always good are stickers, colors (the whiteboard made an excellent lap pad too) and her headphones.

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