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Figuring Things Out

I don't have a strong design "eye" or sense of how things should look. I'm more involved in the details -- do these lines have the same spacing and width, does the text wrap around the photo OK, etc. But I can replicate a design as a template and fill it with new content pretty easily. And if someone ELSE says "hey, what if we did this?" I can usually figure out a way to make it so.

Case in point: puzzle pieces.

What if we made the cover for this document a puzzle with different pictures in each piece?


It took me a couple days (really just a few hours over a couple days), but I figured out how to do it. There's a puzzlify script for Illustrator. I did that for one picture, making it into 12 individual "pieces." Then I released the clipping paths and pulled the pieces over to InDesign, where they became image boxes. I then replaced each copy of the original image with 12 different images and resized as normal to fit each piece.

It was a l…

Jane's First Ponytail

Jane's First Photo Booth Pictures

From Lisa & Doug's wedding -- what fun!

California March 2012