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Jane Climbs

At the amazing North Loop Playground near the Mississippi River:

Lessons Learned: Two Weeks in Minneapolis with a Toddler

It was quite a trip, and I did a fairly good job having the right stuff on hand. A couple things I want to remember for our next big travel:
Bring fewer toys and books. I brought probably 20 books and nearly as many toys. I had visions of playing and reading in the hotel room. Uh ... it's not childproofed, so we spent most of our time out and about. Also, we did plenty of shopping, including some books and toys of course! So a better idea would have been just a few toys and books for the plane, and then play it by ear otherwise. For books we can always go to the library. Even though we can't check them out we could always read, read, read there.Bring fewer clothes -- especially if I know I'll be doing laundry, just do it twice instead of only once -- and then that adds space in the suitcase to buy more clothes! (Particularly MY clothes -- I way over packed and for some reason forgot that I can wear jean shorts more than once.)Bring a booster seat! We had to buy one, which t…

Minneapolis-St. Paul in Bullets

I didn't write a blog post every day like I did when we were in Berlin. But I did take brief notes and thought I'd save an outline of our trip itinerary here -- and in case it's ever useful for anyone looking for kid-friendly things to do in Minneapolis-St. Paul. We had the best time, and I'm thinking it might have been my best vacation yet!

I have written several Trip Advisor reviews while we've been here, so just linking to those for some of the descriptions. Unfortunately, I can't link directly to my reviews but just to the actual attraction page. My name on Trip Advisor is "silvermari" -- no surprise -- if you want to click through and see what I wrote.

I took over 700 photos in two weeks, and as much as I want to share all of the best ones of Jane I've decided not to. I might post one or two on Facebook (and I did as we "checked in" places with free wifi -- another perk of a big city). BUT I did take 40 photos that turned out in whi…

Retail Scenes

I made it to the Mall of America on this trip. And it was underwhelming -- or perhaps overwhelming. I'm sure I would have had a better time -- and better shopping luck -- if I had been on my own. (A toddler always slows you down.) It also would have helped if it weren't so crowded. We went on a Sunday; although I'm not sure if it's any better during the week.

Basically I went to this retail mecca and didn't buy much of anything (although I fell in love with a store: Typo ... OMG full of such fun stationery type things). We got Jane some educational place mats (easy packing!) at a game shop, and I bought some post cards. But otherwise the lines were too long, we were all melting down -- we showed up an hour before stores even opened but were able to spend that time riding rides, which was fun and Jane's first time! Lunch there was good too, and I felt extraordinarily happy just before we ventured back into the fray of the crowd.

All in all it was a bit of a dis…

Coffee Filters as Toddler Dishes

I didn't bring enough plastic baby bowls on this trip, and before I went and bought some more that I'd have to pack and carry home I actually had an idea -- well recalled an idea I'm sure I read on a blog or Pinterest or Facebook -- and used some of the 100 coffee filters I bought for the coffee maker here.

(They are a bit too small for the machine, but I've managed to make due -- rookie mistake ... and they're definitely too small for the home machine; I like unbleached anyway. And even if they had been the kind I like would I really want to waste valuable suitcase space on taking home coffee filters?!)

Anyway, they have been great for corralling grapes, yogurt melts, avocado chunks and the like. Then the messier foods (cottage cheese, pesto pasta, etc.) can go in the actual bowls I brought. (The bowls are called "take and toss" but I can't bring myself to toss them!)

American Airlines Damaged My City Mini Stroller

And all I want to do is cry!

It is so dumb to be this irrationally attached to an object. And I didn't even know I felt this way about it. But seeing its metal frame handle bent and the gripper slashed makes me sentimental and sad. Not to mention the expensive carrying case being effectively destroyed -- zipper all but ruined and the straps ripped off -- that just makes me angry because of the obvious negligence or intentionality to open and damage it. When we got it off the carousel it was wrapped in plastic, but there wasn't a "hey, we had to inspect this and the bag broke" note. Just a jacked up stroller in a ruined bag. Waaah!

An American Airlines baggage counter worker was somewhat helpful (working with Shawn, because I probably would have been raging ridiculously and not helped matters). She said the bagmight be covered or replaced. She's still checking into it, and in any case we have to take the whole contraption to a baggage counter within 30 days. Love…

This Face

Twinset: Rainbow Round Ripple

A starburst kind of blankie to go with the Gumdrop Roulette I already had made. Using up more of the rainbow yarn I got for some other projects.

This pattern is by designer SmoothFox and is called SmoothFox's Beginner's Round Ripple. It's the same basic pattern as the Christmas tree skirt I made earlier this year. I loved how fast it worked up and what a neat look it gave. I added a crab stitch/reverse single crochet edging to finish it off -- mostly because I love that look and actually doing the stitch is so fun.

I'm also really happy with how the two blankets look together. I think they'll make a nice gift. This is the third set of twin blankets I have made and the first for a set of girls. Love, love!