Minneapolis-St. Paul in Bullets

I didn't write a blog post every day like I did when we were in Berlin. But I did take brief notes and thought I'd save an outline of our trip itinerary here -- and in case it's ever useful for anyone looking for kid-friendly things to do in Minneapolis-St. Paul. We had the best time, and I'm thinking it might have been my best vacation yet!

I have written several Trip Advisor reviews while we've been here, so just linking to those for some of the descriptions. Unfortunately, I can't link directly to my reviews but just to the actual attraction page. My name on Trip Advisor is "silvermari" -- no surprise -- if you want to click through and see what I wrote.

I took over 700 photos in two weeks, and as much as I want to share all of the best ones of Jane I've decided not to. I might post one or two on Facebook (and I did as we "checked in" places with free wifi -- another perk of a big city). BUT I did take 40 photos that turned out in which Jane isn't the focus of the photos (although she is in a couple!). I forgot to take any pictures of our FEET on vacation. D'oh!

Saturday 7/13: ARRIVE, plenty of hassles (see damaged stroller)

Sunday 7/14:
  • Getting supplies/groceries
  • Minnehaha Depot and Minnehaha Falls (surprisingly fun, and kind of a stumbled-upon thing that we would have gone to later in the trip otherwise I'm sure)
  • Swim in the hotel pool
Monday 7/15:
  • North Loop Playground by Mississippi River (walking distance from the hotel -- brand new and so nice)
  • Target downtown for more supplies
  • Como Town Zoo and Conservatory
Tuesday 7/16:
 Wednesday 7/17:
Thursday 7/18:
  • North Loop Playground by Mississippi River
  • Minnesota Central Library baby story time -- WOW. This is a bigger system than EBR, and the quality was outstanding. The group was much smaller, they provided copies of each book read so everyone could read along, and there was toy time afterward! Also it was in a room separate from the bigger kids, which was less distracting and more focused than what we're used to. I miss this library!
  • Walker Art Center
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Friday 7/19:
  • Webcam with Katie
  • Family story time in Cancer Survivors Park
  • IKEA and Target
Saturday 7/20:
  • Mill City Museum
  • Swim in the hotel pool
  • Dinner party at a house on a lake about 30 minutes from Minneapolis (so beautiful!)
Sunday 7/21:
  • Mall of America rides, lunch and shopping
  • Webcam with Popeye and Grandma Dale
  • Wild Rumpus "Tail Time" and book shopping
  • University of Minnesota walking tour with Daddy and shopping at UMN book store
Tuesday 7/23:
  • Downtown St. Paul, Landmark Plaza and Peanuts character statues
  • Minnesota Science Museum
  • North Loop Playground by the Mississippi River
Wednesday 7/24:
Thursday 7/25:
  • Target (again!)
  • Minnesota Central Library baby story time (different librarian but still amazing and fun)
  • Swim in the hotel pool
Friday 7/26:
  • Guthrie Theater Endless Observation Bridge
  • Stone Arch Bridge / Mill Ruins Park
  • Family story time (instead of in the park was in the library because of sprinkles)
  • Toddler yoga (which was actually big kid yoga and we missed most of it because they had it in the park and we were still in the library when it started!)
  • North Loop Playground by the Mississippi River -- was so hard to say goodbye to this beautiful park, and the amazing weather in July (but I keep reminding myself we'll get there in October and November when Minneapolis is in the snow!).
Saturday 7/27: HOME, with plenty of hassles (mega storm, main road closed and Toad's Wild (taxi) Ride to get home, but all luggage and passengers in tact -- our house still standing too!).

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