Coffee Filters as Toddler Dishes

I didn't bring enough plastic baby bowls on this trip, and before I went and bought some more that I'd have to pack and carry home I actually had an idea -- well recalled an idea I'm sure I read on a blog or Pinterest or Facebook -- and used some of the 100 coffee filters I bought for the coffee maker here.

(They are a bit too small for the machine, but I've managed to make due -- rookie mistake ... and they're definitely too small for the home machine; I like unbleached anyway. And even if they had been the kind I like would I really want to waste valuable suitcase space on taking home coffee filters?!)

Anyway, they have been great for corralling grapes, yogurt melts, avocado chunks and the like. Then the messier foods (cottage cheese, pesto pasta, etc.) can go in the actual bowls I brought. (The bowls are called "take and toss" but I can't bring myself to toss them!)


Unknown said...

I like your idea. I am crazy about the coffee and for coffee I also do any thing.

Kopi Luwak

Sydney said...

Maybe Jane could carry the coffee filters in her carry-on bag and then in the plane they could be used to corral crayons or whatever and also be flattened for a nice sticker surface. And of course for snack time too! Wonderful things, coffee filters.

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