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Balloon Race Ride at Mall of America
I made it to the Mall of America on this trip. And it was underwhelming -- or perhaps overwhelming. I'm sure I would have had a better time -- and better shopping luck -- if I had been on my own. (A toddler always slows you down.) It also would have helped if it weren't so crowded. We went on a Sunday; although I'm not sure if it's any better during the week.

Basically I went to this retail mecca and didn't buy much of anything (although I fell in love with a store: Typo ... OMG full of such fun stationery type things). We got Jane some educational place mats (easy packing!) at a game shop, and I bought some post cards. But otherwise the lines were too long, we were all melting down -- we showed up an hour before stores even opened but were able to spend that time riding rides, which was fun and Jane's first time! Lunch there was good too, and I felt extraordinarily happy just before we ventured back into the fray of the crowd.

All in all it was a bit of a disappointment, but I was only tempted a little bit to go back in the week and reclaim the retail therapy that could be mine.

I took Jane to a bookstore story time and made up for it by buying here a Twin Cities themed ABC book and a purse/book bag/cross-body bag for me. I had to ask the sales lady to get it down, and when she told me the price ($45) I was too embarrassed to say I didn't want it. It's handmade (this was a hippie, independent bookstore so it's not the worst thing to support it!), and is black and white with tons of pockets. I don't know if I'll be able to use it without feeling bad about having bought it.

So much for retail therapy.

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Sydney said...

Arg! $45 is not that much for a groovy handmade bag. Enjoy!

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