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Jane liked to line up her Sesame Street characters so they can look out the window on our flight. They always say "Wowee, Jane!" after they've seen out the window. We only lost one of them, but he resurfaced when we picked up the bags from the floor.

Morning Sickness Memories

A couple weekends ago a stomach bug raged in our house -- at least for Shawn and me. Not eating for just a couple days left me weak and hungry for garbs: simple sugars. Namely CANDY. I gave in (and drank full-sugar Gatorade too!) so that I would have the energy to travel. Now that I'm well and my appetite has returned with a vengeance I am faced with fighting my sugar cravings all over again.

This illness was very reminiscent for me of my morning sickness. That was longer-lasting queasiness and discomfort, and I can't imagine how I survived it. Although every pregnancy is different I do not look forward to that time of sickness should we be blessed with another child. Silver lining is weight loss, although the sugar cravings rectify that in a hurry with my body chemistry!

Traveling while weak was a horrible idea, but unavoidable given the cost of airline tickets and the inflexibility of air travel. I wasn't contagious any more (evidenced by the fact that no one got sick af…

Purple Flowers | Purple Weeds

These pretty flowers grew in a random pot in our back yard with other weeds. I don't know what they are called or why they grew, but I like them.

Little purple flowers that are DEFINITELY weeds grow in OK and TX, but I haven't seen them here in Baton Rouge. I remember liking to pick them as a kid and pretend they were wild flowers. (They are not.)

Basketweave Baby Blanket

This pattern is so simple -- front post DC and back post DC in alternating groups of four. (I've seen the pattern a lot online, but this one from Delia Creates is the first I saw and the one I used to get started.)

It works up very slowly, and I kept putting the project down. The pattern I read called for a bulkier yarn, which would speed things up. It would also produce an even thicker blanket. With worsted weight yarn (Lion Brand Pound of Love) the finished blanket is already very thick -- floor-mat style I'd say.

I already had the yarn and thought a pound would do, but this really eats yarn. I had to buy another pound, of which I used about half. Both skeins had a few knots in them, which always ticks me off. but otherwise the color is a soft, consistent white, and the finished blanket's feel is soft and cozy, especially after a wash and dry. (I love acrylic's easy care for baby blankets.)

I don't know if I'll make this pattern again -- at least not any tim…

Too Many Toys

The number of toys Jane owns is overwhelming to me, and yet I find myself coveting more, and worse buying more. I think the main problem is there's no "out" from our house, because of the idea that she'll play with them someday (and/or someday there will be a sibling to play with them).

Also I love deals -- garage sales, consignment sales. And I also have to fight instincts to reward Jane with toys... I'm not always successful, as we'll sometimes pick up things from the dollar bin just because or as a treat for putting up with so much shopping with Mama, for example, or in preparation for a big trip. And then the treats stick around!

So our house is strewn with toys, and even though we keep them picked up in baskets and the big toys lined up (anything not picked up "goes away" -- i.e., is put into the office, meaning that room has toys in it too). There are toys in the living room and TONS in the sun room. There are toys in almost every closet, and …