Too Many Toys

The number of toys Jane owns is overwhelming to me, and yet I find myself coveting more, and worse buying more. I think the main problem is there's no "out" from our house, because of the idea that she'll play with them someday (and/or someday there will be a sibling to play with them).

Also I love deals -- garage sales, consignment sales. And I also have to fight instincts to reward Jane with toys... I'm not always successful, as we'll sometimes pick up things from the dollar bin just because or as a treat for putting up with so much shopping with Mama, for example, or in preparation for a big trip. And then the treats stick around!

So our house is strewn with toys, and even though we keep them picked up in baskets and the big toys lined up (anything not picked up "goes away" -- i.e., is put into the office, meaning that room has toys in it too). There are toys in the living room and TONS in the sun room. There are toys in almost every closet, and art supplies on top of the TV and in drawers.

And the books. Oh, the books. Books in her closet, either that have been torn or are being saved for later. Books on her shelf in her room. Books in a basket in the living room. Books in a basket in the sun room. Library books kept separate in a pile on the ottoman. Books. Books. Books.

Here is the latest acquisition:

Ikea table and chairs, purchased on our drive back from Austin

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Sydney said...

Adorable Table & Chairs. Good buy! And you can never have too many books.

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