Christmas Crochet: Festive Toddler Hats

Inspired by browsing Pinterest, I used the toddler ear flap pattern ( to create a flurry of festive Christmas hats for the toddlers in my life. Once I started I couldn’t stop. There are so many ideas for hats, and I have many more I want to make. My own toddler will not want for head gear!

For my nine-year-old nephew I made an Angry Birds hat (thinking he’d think any Christmas-themed hat would be too lame), and I used the same pattern with a slightly larger hook. The baby reindeer hat was made with the baby version pattern (6 months) for a baby. I improvised the starflake, and the snowflake is from an pattern (it’s so ad-heavy I don’t want to link it). I used the buckle part of Micah Makes’ Santa belt hat pattern:

So far they've been a big hit with everyone who has acknowledged receipt!

For Owen

For my new baby cousin -- probably the cutest.
For a college friend's almost-2-year-old
For my cousin's 2-year-old
For Jane
For a high school friend's 4-year-old
For a high school friend's almost-2-year-old
For friends' 3-year-old and 1-year-old
Extra, small one, maybe for a friend's newborn to grow into (made with smaller yarn so is too small for a toddler)
For my cousin's 3-year-old
Extra, maybe for a friend's 3-year-old. I ran out of yarn for the ear flaps on this one.
In addition to the ear flap hats I also made Jane a couple red Christmas hats that have been in heavy rotation this month, especially since we've been in cold and blustry Oklahoma.

Santa hat for Jane, using the Red Heart toddler Santa hat pattern
Shell hat for Jane using Stitch 11 toddler shell beanie pattern
I absolutely love the shell hat. There are a couple errors in the pattern, but since you can't copy and paste the text I didn't take the time to correct a copy -- just did it in my head as I went along and found the errors. It fits Jane's head beautifully and is so warm. Simply Soft is usually pretty hard to work with, but doubling up made it really easy. The hat is receiving a lot of love, and the yarn is getting a little fuzzy, but it's so cute and gets so many compliments that it's worth it even if it's only a one season hat. I improvised the granny star with some white yarn I had on hand. I plan to make some more of these with other colors -- maybe for Valentine's day in red and pink?

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