Another Moment of Genius

In continuing news on the brain drain, when packing my coffee maker I somehow managed to leave coffee IN THE CARAFE! Granted it's a stainless thermal carafe, but still. It's been so long since I've made coffee that it was extra gross. Shawn managed to clean it up before I got home and it didn't do any real damage other than ruining a box. But COME ON!

Wonder what other doofenschmirtz things I'll be doing. So far I'm just trying to stay out of Shawn's way before we go back to our house. The first night's sleep there was good, although I laid awake for a while after getting up to use the loo in the night. We'll have to crank the AC a bit more, as I always sleep better when I'm cool.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

I'm thinking you'll probably be more understanding of the many similar things I do. It's good when you can turn it into a funny story.

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