Overheard at Cozy Brunch

One of our rituals/routines is to have brunch after church at Cozy Soup & Burger. It's featured in Big Daddy and there are some signed pictures of random actors. We once saw the dad from Mad About You (Burt Buchman) in the restaurant. He's pretty old though.

Anyway, today we were in ear shot of a couple ~25 year old guys. They were talking about relationships and it was all I could do to go sit down and just stare at them and listen intently. One apparently cheated on his girlfriend and was trying to justify it to the other friend - "I couldn't stay in a relationship that made me unhappy" (emphasis mine), etc. He also talked about being a serial monogamist. Give me a break.

Later the other guy (I got the impression he did not have a girlfriend) was talking about how he wants to be married and have a kid when he's 30. "That means I'd have to be engaged by the time I'm 28," he said in an almost panicky voice, which made me bust out laughing. What a girl thing to say. But I guess men and women do worry about the same things - finding and securing love for life, stability and security and in the end, happiness.

I'm pretty lucky that I've got that with old Shawn. Here's a photo of him on his birthday, wearing his new "N" shirt from Beth and with the green laser pointer from my mom.

The cake I baked him didn't turn out so great, although it tasted OK. But our steak dinner was pretty nice and we are planning to go to a play next week to extend the celebration. I bought him a math textbook he picked out.

Yep, he's a nerd. But he's my nerd!


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