Horoscope - Spring Equinox

You might be feeling quite pleased with yourself today because your creative energy is running strong and it's easy to express yourself however you choose. But even if the setting is perfect, something still prevents you from having as much fun as you wish. Letting go of your previous expectations can help, but the ultimate solution will only come with time. There's no need to be in such a hurry, so slow down and enjoy the present moment.

I could delve into that and explain why I think it is pretty close to truth. But meh.

Happy spring equinox. It was snowing today in NYC. Geez.

A light bulb blew on one of my few lamps. It was 100 watts and I've only got 60 watts to replace it. Waa Waa Waa.

They're filming in my neighborhood today - The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nicolas Cage. Kind of exciting BUT there are trucks - as in MACK Trucks - idling outside my window - all day long (all day yesterday too). Doesn't make for a conducive work environment, especially given my current state of mind, work load and pressure level.

Beth's advice: STAR


Take a Breath



Easier said than done.

Beth's at her gate after a whirlwind trip. West Side Story was great (although work didn't fully leave my mind even when seeing the gorgeous dancers and their full skirts swishing on stage). Wish I had more time and energy to catalogue her entire visit. Maybe this weekend, which will be cut short for work travel, but none-the-less I'm looking forward to it.

Spring on.

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