The Week of West Side Story

Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Only two days until my little sister arrives for a visit. She gets in after work on Tuesday, and we have tickets for West Side Story on Wednesday evening. I'm a little nervous about the changes to the original play - half of the dialogue and songs are now in Spanish... I don't speak Spanish but I hope I can enjoy it just the same!

Because of the timing of Beth's visit in relation to work (a week from Tuesday is the big fund-raising event, which leaves everyone including me in a frenzied blur of work this week especially), I won't be able to take off a lot of time to spend with her during the days. So on Wednesday and probably most of Thursday she'll have to explore our neighborhood and/or visit a museum on her own. (The good news is she's quite independent and will enjoy the shopping to be had around here - she has a mission to visit the paper store on 18th St.) BUT, I should be able to get away on Thursday afternoon for a ride out to the ocean - just for a look, or perhaps we'll choose to visit the Empire State Building. Her flight home is Friday morning, so I'll be doing any last minute work all day after her departure.

Then I travel to DC for the event on Sunday, and will be away until Wednesday the 25th. I may or may not be able to blog extensively ... just depends on several factors I guess.

A bit more travel coming up in May (two weddings!), followed by our belated honeymoon-type-trip in June. Time is really flying on our newlywed year.

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