hair today

One of the first ways I used the internet was to search for hair ideas - products, techniques, anything to give me an idea how to handle this mop of frizz that tormented me throughout high school.

Now I can coerce my hair into varying styles - a spiral curl is easy; straightening is harder to do, especially depending on the weather, and I can do a variety of up-dos. But I can't get a good haircut. It's like I won't pay the money, won't take the time, and I end up with a crazy chop that stresses me out and leads to ponytail after ponytail.

My obsession with hair doesn't stop with working with it. I don't drop cash on cuts, but I will drop endless amounts on hair products. Shampoos give me a thrill. I love trying new conditioners - and styling agents - gel, mousse, curling sprays, smoothing serums, leave-in conditioners, hair sprays, spritzers, frizz reducers. And I have more clips, brushes, combs, hot tools, etc. than one person needs.

But what does it mean? Probably nothing. Just a special little insight into the mind of mari.


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