for some reason, the scent of mulberry overcame me recently. i think i was going to sleep or just waking up - something. and that acrid, terrible taste if you give into temptation and try to eat just one. ick. there's a big mulberry tree in our back/side yard at home. there's also honeysuckle there - and you can pull out the stem for a tiny drop of honey-like nectar. I always wondered if I could pull enough out to get a spoonful of that. I'll never know.

and for some reason, while i was thinking about this memory - this place where i grew up, i remembered talking to my friend megan about our childhoods. and about the games we played, books we read. we were sitting in the Wentz (?) dining hall - Pistol Pizza or something like that. And we were freshmen - and it was a moment where i thought 'this is what it's like to have a friend.' And lucky me we're still friends, albeit 3,000 miles away.

now i'm in my city apartment - stifling the heat with our powerful AC. ~mari.

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Tria Andrews said...

love you, mar bear.

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