Some Things of Late (or My Lack of Luck)

Driving to pick up Shawn in New Orleans after a week of him being gone, a big SUV speeds up behind me as I'm passing another car. It's going so fast - 90+ - that I don't notice it until I am signaling to get over after my pass. I shake my fist at the driver who then pumps his brakes, acting like he will swerve into my lane and run me off the road. I also had a thought he would shoot me if I did catch up with him, so I slowed down. Then he sped up and was off again. I didn't actually see the driver, but what a dick move. And scary. Moral: don't shake your fist at drivers.

On this same trip there is a marsh fire near/on the Bonnet Carre Spillway and there is backedup traffic for 5+ miles in both directions. There is no obstruction on the actual roadway -- completely rubbernecking. So frustrating and added an extra hour to our travel time.

Jane has been sick since Wednesday evening. Her very first tummy bug that has lasted more than a few hours. Fever, vomiting, extreme fatigue, the whole nine yards. She is finally better, but it really put a cramp in our style. We were basically trapped at home for two full days while Shawn was out of town, and then she had to power through while we picked him up. She wouldn't eat so she is all kinds of skinny now, and not in a good way. She started eating almost normally today so I'm sure she'll bounce back. She never stopped drinking water so I didn't fear dehydration. We missed a day of school (so a few hours of Mama time for me), Art in the Park, church, soccer practice, a special family church service with a play, and today's library story time. I've got to find some babysitter I can call for something like that so I could go out and get supplies. Madness!

I am a web servant at church, meaning I work on the website content, social media, sermon videos, weekly email blasts, etc. One thing I do is remind our pastor to write every week, although sometimes there's no inspiration so no letter. I can think of all kinds of topics for HIM to write about, but clearly I can't come up with much for myself, given I haven't written here in more than a month.

A slight positive in my world - the azaleas are blooming and Baton Rouge looks beautiful. My favorites are the light pinks (I'm assuming those are azaleas too). There are flowers everywhere and it's gorgeous. My eyes have been hurting so maybe I have seasonal allergies (which would fit with my luck these days).

Wishing you better luck now and always. (And a little luck for me in the coming weeks too...)

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