The Oklahoma Heat

Somehow I had forgotten the true depth of the heat in southwest Oklahoma. While we were there last week the highs were in the triple digits. I think 109 was the hottest it got. In the evenings it may have gotten some cooler (so the swing is bigger than it is here in Baton Rouge), but the sting of that hot sun upon walking out the door from air conditioning is a shock. The sun seems brighter, the glare is stronger and there were no clouds or real shade to be found most of the time. If there was wind I didn't notice, although I would assume it would be a fiery wind without cooling ability.

But now we're home. Yesterday when I got out of my car in the shade and didn't feel I was catching fire I breathed a sigh of pleasure -- even though it was 90 degrees and high swampy humidity. I don't know if my body has adjusted to this Baton Rouge summer weather or if the Oklahoma heat always had that kind of effect on me.

Give me air conditioning (or AUTUMN!) in any case...

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