Considering Introversion

This Huffington Post article made the rounds on Facebook a few weeks ago. 23 Signs You're Secretly an Introvert had several of my FB friends outing themselves as introverts and citing specifically which "signs" applied to them. I kept thinking about it too, as some of the signs definitely apply to me. My introversion is no secret though.

I am no good at small talk (sign #1), or at least I don't feel good at it. I dislike being in big crowds of people, even if I know most of them. Case in point is the weekly "coffee time" at church. Gag. I'm also not a fan of passing the peace during the service, but that's a bit of germ-a-phobia too.

My intensity (#5) can get me too. Recently a friend reminded me of something randomly personal I told her when we'd first met. Yikes. I had wiped that from my memory banks, but it definitely applies to the "you're too intense" sign of introversion. Geez.

The inner monologue sign (#16) is funny -- and I think there were some silly comments from my FB friends ... something like "doesn't EVERYONE have an inner narrator? And isn't he British?!" Mine isn't British, but I certainly think "aloud" to myself plenty. Possibly that stems from wanting to be like Angela Chase though!

I wouldn't necessarily link writing (#22) to introversion, but I get that. I DEFINITELY prefer the written word for all kinds of communication. It's more efficient to me, and I'm able to ruminate more (too much in many cases!) before actually communicating. It's something I always have to work on in my professional life and really push myself. But I am trying to use it for my good. A writer's gotta write after all, introvert or not!

Most of the other "signs" probably apply to me too, but these were the four that popped at me and had me nodding my head when I first read the article.

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Katie said...

#5 was me and I took it as a sign of honesty, not intensity. So there.

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