good night - good therapy

blogging daily (and in today's case, thrice daily!) is very therapeutic for me - especially in this situation with the bugs.

we've got the air mattress back up and dressed - with fresh sheets and cleanly dried pillows. i'm so tired, so looking forward to a sleep. we've got the comet ring around the mattress, i'm sprayed with DEET again (freshly showered in clean PJs). so i should be OK for the night. dear lord, keep us safe.

i still feel a little creepy crawly, but there you go.

these are the images taken today - the bite/bruise/mark on my inner right arm - it's even more purple tonight. and then the marks on my neck - i just took this shot... i still hope these were from sunday night and not last night (when we were sleeping at Frank's). shawn washed Frank's sheets and checked his bed - didn't see any spots BUT Frank has brown sheets ... and I'm just overly paranoid, but I obviously got bitten in the last couple days.

Oh man alive. This has got to end someday, right? Ready to run.


Edit - it kind of looks like a Christmas tree shape, right?

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