sickness creeps in

oh dear - it never fails. i leave Oklahoma with a sore throat and throbbing head, swollen eyes and runny nose.

we're still in Texas - today is Holly's wedding day - HURRAH!

i'm having trouble with my iTunes. tried to download some video for the flight back to NYC, and it's saying my account as been disabled. I'm thinking it has something to do with me being on a different computer than normal, but still, I'd think they'd want my money. Blugh. I guess I can always crochet.

Owen's crying to go to Toys-R-Us and doesn't want to go to the wedding ("no weddings on my list") ... so that's a struggle. The hotel has an indoor pool and a spa - so nice. He swam last night with Holly's nieces and nephew. Funtimes!

Shawn got to NYC safely and said he didn't see any bugs. Here's hoping...

So tired and hope I feel better ... HATE flying sick. Ugh.

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