to the capital city ... and back

anyway - the train ride was a blur. took "acela" on the way there - ZOOOOMED by and was on the quiet car, a nice ride. i rode backward!

the event at work was fine, a little rushed in my teaching of our web site's content management system to a couple new employees. i always want to gossip with my friends and ... well it just didn't work out this time because i was so rushed.

the train ride back was a doozy. it was delayed a little - but that was good because it allowed me time to get situated (i.e. use the facilities - don't care for going ON the train if i can help it), buy some magazines and all that before boarding. i made the mistake of sitting behind a creepy talkative guy. he wouldn't let anyone sit next to him, which i think is technically against policy unless he paid for two seats, but who would want to sit next to him anyway. he tried to talk to me several times. i avoided eye contact and just nodded. he was guzzling budweisers from the cafe car ... NICE. finally i put in headphones and acted busy! a real reminder of why you don't talk to strangers! (and he had a thick Boston accent - Masshole anyone?) *shudder*

even though i am sleeping on an air mattress (bed buying story will be forthcoming, as it happened last night, but i want to put in all the details ... short version is the new mattress/boxspring set is coming on Monday), i am glad to be home. will be glad to see old Shawn too - even though i last saw him at 6 am ... i've got a chicken casserole in the oven - bubble bubble - and my internet connection and computer are working fast enough to let me catch up on the emails i missed through the day (although i'm staring at more than 300 blog posts to weed through ... i should really pare down my RSS feeder).

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