11/7: how long do you wanna be loved?

is forever enough? is forever enough? (first heard the song on Medium, I think)

was singing that song all last night to Shawn. he's funny about me singing to him. today i've been singing "oh where have you been, billy boy, billy boy; tell me where have you been, charming billy?" it's a song Gran used to sing to me... i remember. so it's a good sign that music is back in my heart!

i thought of another "positive" out of the whole bedbug situation. i was worried that my allergic reactions being so out of control would mean no more hair dye for me (i have grey roots in places ... and i love having darker, richer brown hair)... BUT since it's bedbugs that were causing the allergy, it means i CAN dye my hair, something i haven't done in months. so that will be on the agenda in the next week or so. Since I'm being such a good NaBloPoMo blogger, I'll post pictures here once I do it!

i love this gossiping vs. networking image. not that i gossip with anyone, or really even network. but i'm always a sucker for retro-women images. is that sexist?

Even though I hate NYC, I'm doing Xmas shopping/thinking and there are some definite plusses to New York - the museum gift shops. :) Here's an idea ... New York City in a Bag! Also, tomorrow the plan is to re-trek to Jersey City, not to flee bedbugs, but to shop. There's a nice suburban mall, a Target and a Kohl's! I have a Kohl's gift card left from the wedding, so maybe we can find something to buy there. The problem will be getting all the purchases back on the train, so we'll have to be conscious of that. But Shawn plans to come with, so ... May be able to get a few Xmas items as well, although I'm getting close to having my list checked off... just have to wait to see whose name we draw in the Danville Thanksgiving Day raffle for who buys whom a gift for Christmas. LOVE IT!

OK - going to publish and move on... been writing this in bits for an hour and a half. FOCUS.


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