T minus one

tomorrow is my birthday - hey hey hey.

my coworkers gave me a card and a Michael's gift card. that's exciting! there's a store in Queens that i can get to on the subway.

working at Beth's is a bit of a comedy show. I've got my laptop set up, but she only has one internet connection. her router doesn't recognize firefox when i put the ethernet cable in my computer (although i can use my computer and IE) - and it's just easier to use hers as set up. but i also have to use my computer to do my non-internet computing (writing the annual report, creating the NL line up, etc.) - just because it's a little easier (although i guess i could convert everything and do it here on this box)... whatever. so i'm running back and forth between them. am so glad this is my last day to do this.

i am very very tired, since i did laundry last night and was up until after midnight, and then popped up at 7 a.m. of course my clothes weren't dry so i'm wearing a shirt of my mom's. funny. i hope shawn finished things - he's been staying in Indiahoma while i work from Beth's apartment in Lawton. he can use his computer in my mom's office at the school library - and it's T1 internet so faster than this (plus we only have one internet connection here)... It's been a pretty good set up for him.

Today we get to go to Owen's school for lunch - it's a special thing for Thanksgiving. My Gran and dad and Shawn are coming out. I think they'll pick me up and we'll go. Should be good - fun to see Owen and officially meet his teacher. I picked him up yesterday but was still listening in on a conference call for work, so my brain was divided. Today I'll pick him up and it will be my undivided attention. What a sweet moo hoo. He's got a cold or something though, and I'm FRIGHTENED of getting sick. Just what I DO NOT need.

Back to running between the desk and kitchen table. Maybe I'll get a work out this way? Doubtful.


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