oh dear - my twenty-seventh year is coming to a close in one week. i've seen a lot - the good, the bad, the ugly. praying that 28 multiplies the good and gets rid of the bad. for pete's sake!

still waiting on the new mattress/box spring arrival. i think THAT will improve my mood greatly and make Shawn happy. the encasements will protect it and we'll be able to get better sleep.

count down to seeing Owen baby is getting smaller - only TWO more sleeps until i'm squeezing my bubba max!

i made burgers last night, and our friend Frank stopped by for one. i would feed him every night for the rest of our time here if he wanted! he has let us stay in his apartment, which is just beyond what i would expect a casual friend to do. after dinner we watched House and Fringe. that was pretty funny. his girlfriend Beth came by later - on her way back from a trip to Baltimore - i really like her. actually, i've never met a Beth i didn't like!

Getting into the tail end of the window for the delivery. This place is absolutely crappy. I would never recommend anyone in the NYC area ordering from Sleepy's. They'll be getting e-mails and/or a letter from me - it's been all sorts of drama just to get a clean, new bed.

SO tired.

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