i hit the highway...

in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling...not that i've driven in a month of Sundays - like literally since May. hrm.

successful night - sleeping on the air mattress with the ring of comet and ring of double sided tape. NO NEW BITES! yeay! and we didn't see new bugs.

it's election day - hey, hey. wonder if the text messages from Barack will stop now. not that i mind i guess ... but whatever.

have to have a cavity filled - it's my second cavity ever. the last one was a year ago. both were very small, so not a huge deal, but i apparently don't floss properly (even though i do it EVERY night) and brush too hard. meh.

Shawn has lost his cell phone charger. Where could it be? In a plastic bag somewhere in the apartment. And there are a LOT of plastic bags.

the lines are going to be LOOONG today to vote, but i'm going to go this afternoon, after the dentist. will take my iPod and a book... should be good times.


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