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or: "Why I'm Feeling Cranky"

Let's recap the hits I've taken of late, small and large, in no particular order:
  • Bedbugs - huge one, definitely covered in this blog - and all the money we've spent on it ... trying to figure out the problem/dermatologists and then washing everything and replacing many things ... and JUST when i think i'm over it/we're getting our lives back together, i find a welt (or three) on parts of my body that may or MAY NOT be actual bb bites...
  • New, expensive glasses - first they had a minor flaw that I just accepted, then the frames fell apart (fixable) and then the lens cracked (replaced by LensCrafters) ... i'm DREAMING of the glasses being smashed and wonder if they'll last the year
  • Walking into the subway a couple weeks ago I missed a step and twisted my ankle - it hurt excruciatingly only for a bit, but absolutely made me think "what else could go wrong?!"
  • Back ache - and all the money spent at the chiropractor ... plus the PAIN
  • Purchase/Return - I ordered a "99 Crochet Snowflakes" pattern book - and it arrived without all its pages (not damaged - just defective) and with other pages repeated.
  • Purchase/Return - I created and ordered 75 custom Christmas cards ... they are SO cute, a cartoon version of me and Shawn. When they arrive, they're not actually cards - but just prints, and the prints have writing on the back (like the file name). SO I have to send them back - a cost of $10, but at least I don't have to eat the entire cost of them ... and maybe I can/will reorder them from another company ... which will cost more, but I can get what I want.
This is a really lame entry. I will try to write something substantive later today to TRULY count as a NaBloPoMo entry. Blurgh.

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