Ah, last forced post - I know I forced myself but since being away from my regular workspace it's been harder to post...

We're getting ready to go down to breakfast. I'm trying to download some things on my iPod. I cannot believe that the iTunes people wrote me back and solved my problem. Yay good customer service!

Feeling sicker. Took some medicine. Flying with a head cold is HORRIBLE. I guess better than puking though, which I've also done. Just call me Public Health Hazard!

Holly's wedding was A-Mazing. The reception was so fun (Owen was a b-r-a-t ... and you know he was bad if I'll say that! ... so we didn't stay too too long), and I just loved their vows - so touching and rich. I couldn't be happier for her and John if I tried! Can't wait for her post-wedding blog re-hash.

Guess I'll trail Owen and Gingi down to breakfast. I should suck on a losenge to get my throat better ... but I am very hungry so we'll see.


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