Dress for a Wedding

Oh I am BAD... Shawn will think I'm nutso, but I'd been eyeing this dress, as I have TWO weddings this month ... and I'm so excited about them. Anyway, it went on sale - HALF PRICE. (we're talking $22 here, people) With shipping it's still under $30. I've got some comfy purple shoes to wear with it.

And if it's chilly I can wear tights, and I have a wrap, although I probably should go with something a different shade of purple - I have a lavender one that's from London...who knows where it is. Will ponder that a bit.

Anyway, it's frivilous (I have plenty of clothes and could have worn one of the dresses I already have), especially given the current hit we're taking financially with the g-d bedbug crisis of 08. BUT I'm not going to beat myself up about it. IF it doesn't look so cute, I'll return it... But here's hoping it DOES look cute, and then I'm set for a happy wedding and holiday season with this dress (I'm sure there will be a Christmas party to attend ... and believe me, I'll never wear a sweater to one of those things again!)

Much love and feeling fine, webcamming tonight with Owen Jay mine.


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Anonymous said...

Love the dress, and a belt maybe, so cool.

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