positives < crank

rainy day ... on our way to the Waldorf Astoria for a sleep in a REAL BED! huzzah.

I've treated myself ridiculously this month (kind of a negative) ... but I've so enjoyed it. AND I found by reading a glut of magazines about "Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen," that my fave singer Trisha Yearwood wrote a cookbook. I bought it theoretically as a gift but love it so much, happy-birthday-to-myself. YEAH!

I adore magazines ... and lately have been reading "ladies" magazines ... Better Homes, etc. I had been VERY good about cutting those out of my life. But the bedbug situation has left me feeling ... like "if a magazine will make me feel better, I'm going to get it." And that's SUCH a bad attitude. Got to break it again.

In one short week I'll be rolling into Stillwater with my sweet husband and sweet baby bubba nephew. What a sugar dump. And my mammy and sister will be along for the ride too ... for a quick trip before the wedding of my cousin and his lovely bride. SO looking forward to going home.

Peace OUT.

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