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NBC Axes 'Lipstick,' 'Enemy' - Entertainment Weekly
No big shock here: Sources confirm that NBC has canceled struggling dramas Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy.
Blugh. I totally don't care about My Own Worst Enemy - I thought that was the dumbest idea. BUT I have a soft spot for that horror that is Lipstick Jungle. I really did watch it - every week, maybe missing one episode. I hope they air the remaining eps, or at least make them available on Hulu. I am not emotionally invested in the show (do I really care what happens to Nico and Riley ... wait, is that his name? I can't even remember?! KIRBY is his name - Reilly or Riley is Nico's last name) ... but it was a fun, fluffy show to relax with. I guess now it's back to Numb3rs for me! AH.

READ MY LIPS! (at least it had a good theme song)


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Spanco said...

I like this show very much. I think the women are ooder but they are looking so hot and they played the role better than that of young girls. I appreciate them. After watching Lipstick Jungle tv show, i really hooked with this show.

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