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This morning Shawn found another bedbug ... a fat one who had just fed on us. He squished it before I could see it, but I guess that's good, as I'm less freaked out than I would expect. Denial was a nice place to live for a while though ... now it's back to reality, and a horrifying reality at that.

Our new mattress and box spring are supposed to arrive today. 9am-1pm delivery slot... It's creeping toward the end of the slot, which is crazy. I think we should have been first, as we made our appointment an entire week ago. I hate Sleepy's ... for the rest of my life.

We've got the bed frame set up and waiting - with extra comet around it. Shawn's hypothesis is that the bugs survived in some of our belongings that we had stacked in the middle of the room - and then as we've been unpacking they made it out. We had removed the ring of comet directly around our air mattress ... leaving a clear path for the "little bastards."

I've purchased high dollar covers for the mattress and box spring. We'll leave the box spring in its plastic as well. These are guaranteed to keep the bedbugs out of the mattress/box spring ... scientifically proven and all that. We know how I feel about RESEARCH. Right.

Anyway, even if there are survivors still lurking (which it's likely that there are, given Shawn's discovery this morning), the bed will not be infested and we can still move it to another place without carrying the bugs with us ... hopefully sooner rather than later. But that's another story.

I've been on Prednisone for one last round for the last couple weeks. Of course, now that I have new bites (and I only have a few, but definitely bitten at least last night, and perhaps even longer) ... the steroid treatment is again rendered moot. I'm done with that. I guess I should go back to spraying myself with DEET - but even that loses its potency and effectiveness I think. I'm still popping Benadryl like a mad woman every night. And I am not going to change that. I am beyond caring about addiction to a sleep-aid (that's really what it is for me). Give me that problem over bedbugs any day. PLEASE?!

I'm getting the feeling that New York really wants me gone. I hate feeling a prisoner in my own home and workspace. I mean, obviously I'm free to leave, but ... well you know. On the positive side, before this week is out I will be squeezing Mr. Owen Max! And having THAT to look forward to is better than anything I can imagine.

More later. ~M.

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