Wiggle It

I was crossing off an item on my to do list (things are crazy enough that I'm creating a new one each day), and I started scribbling a bit -- just an up and down motion that led to a small flood of color. The motion and resulting scribble reminded me of a pen I had that would vibrate on its own and create squiggles while I wrote. I'm sure it was a late 80s/early 90s thing, but wouldn't you know Amazon has it.

While I know I would enjoy owning a squiggle writer again, I also thought it might be a fun toy for Owen of which Shawn could approve (although perhaps when learning to write it's not ideal to have your writing implement wiggle violently?).

Off to the gym, since I'll probably take tomorrow off. (One good thing about living in relative isolation is that people will be able to tell the difference/appreciate the results after not seeing me for a few months.) The snow should be fun to trudge through. The snowfall has been absolutely stunning today and it was impossible for me to be as grumpy as I have been the rest of this week.

Smiley for that reason AND because Shawn comes home tomorrow!

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