Cupcake March

Cupcake March
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The pattern was dense – and I am convinced there are either a few mistakes OR I misunderstood (probably the latter). I left the errors in, considering it to look more handmade. Plus the laciness of it all hid anything serious.

I am IN LOVE with this yarn though – the name (cupcake), the color name (sugar plum) and the color itself. Not to mention that it didn’t split or pill and just worked up beautifully. Really happy with how the entire project turned out.

I hope the intended recipient will like it as much as I do -- I still need to wash it, block it and get it in the mail. And I'm torn about whether to send directly to the mom-to-be or to orchestrate its gifting at the baby shower.

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Sydney said...

Send it to the shower. This deserves to be ooohed and ahhhhed over.

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