The writing prompt for March is about "strange" or "strangers" ... that could be fun, but not 31 posts fun, so this should be my final forced post for a while. Perhaps I'll have something to write about every day in March, but I doubt it.

There is a soothing sense of accomplishment by doing something regularly -- a habit that becomes a ritual. And writing is something I want to keep up with, although perhaps not these throwaway posts that don't really stretch my skills or imagination.

Recapping my life is great and I can imagine myself as an old lady reading back through these posts and being able to remember exactly how I felt when I wrote them, not knowing what will happen next, the way I feel now when I read back over old journals. Who knows what technology will be like in 50+ years.

The snow is melting -- everything is slushy and wet and I bet the piles will be gone by week's end because it's so warm. The weather may send more snow though, so I'll just keep going with the flow. Either way I'm an inside girl almost all the time.

Thanks for reading this February, and I'm sure you'll see me writing in March (if nothing else to express my joy over March Madness and/or the thrill of getting through yet another year's "Super Tuesday" at work). OMG.

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