How 'bout those Cowboys? WOW. My workout today went so much faster and easier because I was watching the first half of that game. Amazing! I guess that somewhat soothes the NYU women's team loss to Chicago last night.

I've got a lot of things done today -- errand types: bank, post office, drug store, gym. When I work out on the elliptical I usually read a magazine and listen to music. The number of magazine subscriptions I have is a little ridiculous, but of the ones I read I've started to find I enjoy the women's magazines targeted to families. Instead of Cosmo and Glamour I like Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping.

Here is an ad spread I found particularly funny ... and it was in Glamour - the one with Posh on the cover!


There's no way they don't go together, because they don't make sense without the other. I love it! It's the little things in my life.

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