Taking Advantage

It's Go Red for Women day, and I've got a great red sweater on that no one but Shawn and maybe some lady in the gym changing room will see.

Working from home is on my mind because this afternoon the DC office is closed for weather. The DC area is getting walloped with the winter weather, and the forecast says at least 2 feet of snow. It's perfectly clear here in the NYC, and aside from a slightly-chillier-than-normal apartment, my working conditions are unchanged (and would remain unchanged even in a blizzard, as long as power and cable internet held out).

So here's a review of a book I finished last night.

Rage Against the Meshugenah: Why it Takes Balls to Go Nuts Rage Against the Meshugenah: Why it Takes Balls to Go Nuts by Danny Evans
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Meh. There's some good writing in here, but this book lacked a cohesive narrative. It's a memoir, but it jumped back and forth. It definitely read like the blog that it was based upon.

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