Learned something today -- I would have bet money that temperment was how that word was spelled. (I wrote it in a blog comment and the little red squiggly line led me to look it up). The correct spelling reminds me of tempura and tempera paints. But the more you know ... or something.

Starbucks sent me (and I'm sure thousands of others) an intriguing e-mail about a coffee delivery service. Unfortunately it's not a daily latte-delivery service, but rather whole/ground coffee delivery. I love the idea, but alas as a single coffee drinker (Shawn doesn't even really like the smell, can you IMAGINE?!), it doesn't seem feasible. Although I AM tempted because of the offer of a free red French Press pot for new signups.

Lately I've been digging Mud Truck coffee, which seems to be available only in NYC and possibly ONLY at Morton Williams (there's one by the gym). The Mud Trucks themselves are visible in my neighborhood, but I've never actually got a cuppa from one. Anyway, my last purchase accidentally was whole beans rather than my pre-ground laziness of late. I have a grinder, so no big deal, just an additional step each day. And I'm sort of thinking it does make a difference/the coffee tastes better. Not sure I'll restock with whole beans on my next grocery stop.

I mentioned Etsy a couple posts ago, and today read an article about PicClick, which has a page for Etsy that allows for visual shopping. You put in a keyword (might I suggest purple jewelry?) and then see all that the site has to offer. You can even limit the price range.

The federal government, and therefore my office, are still closed today. But I'm still working and making relatively reasonable progress on my projects, including a great interview today that almost made me miss reporting. I am looser with personal blogging time (as evidenced by the published times on this week's entries), but unlike what a co-worker suggested, I will NOT be working over the weekend to make up for the time others did not work this week.

The single snow picture I took yesterday -- of a fence on Mercer on the way to the gym.

Flat hair shots may come later today, or maybe I'll save for tomorrow. Meh.

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