Model Citizen

I'm not a model employee, but I do OK. Example: the office has been closed since 1:30 p.m. on Friday. It hasn't affected my work situation other than it being much, much slower than normal. I will say it's been very tempting to turn off the e-mail, grab my crochet hook and watch my backlog of DVR'ed shows. I haven't done that ... yet. :)

Today I was another kind of model -- a hair model at the BBU project, where stylists from around the country come to NYC to learn the Bumble & Bumble techniques. I've had a free cut there before, and there were last minute slots available for today, so I signed up again. The goal: get rid of the triangle Supercuts cut I subjected my hair to.

I'm not as excited about this cut as I was about the first one. Mostly because it's SO much shorter. I mean, Little Orphan Annie, or serious MOM hair (which I'd be all about if I actually had a baby, but that's a topic for a non-public facing blog and personal conversations). But hair grows, and mine grows exceedingly fast. And I'd never know how my hair looked so short if I hadn't cut it! Shawn hasn't seen it yet, so we'll see what he thinks. I think it's even too short for a workout ponytail. Eeek!

I did before/after shots again. Let me know what you think. I know it will grow fast, that I can style it to be less round AND that it will look banging when it's straight (and I'll actually have long fringy bangs if I want - the hair in the front is THAT short).



Am I a little too hair obsessed?! It's only for today.

Brief weather update: the walk to/from the salon (it's on W 13th, near the Hudson River ... so quite a hike) it was GORGEOUS -- sunny and low 40s. They say the snow is coming, but we'll see. Shawn has travel plans for tomorrow so I hope whatever comes doesn't impact air travel. Although being snowed in with Shawn doesn't sound like the worst thing!

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