I'm not feeling this February nablopomo, but I'm not sure how to stop, because I know I'll want to blog about some things at some point this month. I think I'm just in an overall funk.

Weather update: a light dusting of snow overnight. Nothing at all to speak of. It's very cold, but not bitter and the wind doesn't seem too high. The gym outing was fine -- pretty much my only foray outside every day, even when working. But that's another issue.

Health update: chest cold still lingering, although it hurts most in the mornings after sleeping. I don't necessarily feel BAD, but I'm not at the top of my game. Also a stye or something has cropped up on my left eyelid. It's worse than any I've had before (and they're kind of a regular occurrence), and it seems the entire eyelid is pink and more than just a spot is puffy. It impairs my vision a little bit, but nothing drastic. Certainly no contacts for me for a while, although I rarely wear them anymore it's nice to have the option. Also no eye makeup, although the same thing -- I hardly ever wear that. And the mascara I used the day before this cropped up will be tossed. Ugh.

If I want to be a writer I need to write. But I'm not sure I want to be a writer beyond what I am today. I would need focus and drive and IDEAS. Something key I believe to be lacking. For now I'll keep reading and consuming media, sometimes thinking "I could do better than that." Maybe someday I will. When will someday be? Eck.

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