Thirty-Four Days

I meant to mark a month out of New York here, but on the 7th I was driving. And driving. And driving.

And then work happened this week, and I forgot/got lost in the fray. Life is a highway.

On Sunday we'll have been in Baton Rouge for a month. In some ways it feels like forever. And in other ways it feels like we just got here. We certainly haven't explored fully or even finished setting up our apartment. Hopefully we can pick out a couch tomorrow and get it delivered sometime next week. Then maybe I'll feel more settled.

I got my office workspace set up a bit too. Doesn't feel "right" still and certainly seems temporary, but eventually I'll get used to it. I got a new phone, and of course it was staticky. Figured out it was the phone, not the line, and so swapped out the phone. I like my chair OK -- it's new and I got to pick it out. Voice mail doesn't work, the shelf is kind of rickety and probably not the wisest thing to have ... and yes, mice still scurry about at night, ignoring the traps.

Time to go swim and float away for a while!

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