Phone Diggity

This new job has me on the phone A LOT. A struggle since I'm not much of a phone person. And today I got a couple calls on my own cell phone -- random, since that never happens!

One was about re-joining PRSA -- which I was expecting because I went to their site yesterday to sign up. Clearly a no brainer to join, but they kind of gave me attitude for having been a lapsed member. Not really "welcome back, so glad you reconsidered." Just "you have to pay extra if you want back in" kind of attitude. Oh well. The company is paying so I'll deal with the attitude. And I expect the BR chapter to be much more welcoming and nice.

The other call was for a job -- IN NEW YORK! Can you freaking imagine? Anyway, if anyone in NYC needs a job and knows how to use PowerPoint, I can give you the phone number of this woman. She also sent me an e-mail. HILARIOUS. More than two years looking on and off and nothing beyond some scattered interviews. And I'm away for a month and start getting calls. AH! I went into Monster and CareerBuilder to update my address!

This is my 888th post.

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