It's not Chelsea like the New York neighborhood or our favorite player on the NYU women's basketball team, but tonight we went to dinner with a couple colleagues of Shawn's and ate at a cafe called Chelsea's.

We had a good time, and the food was tasty. It was a bummer to me that the only drinks were beer. I haven't had a beer in nearly a year because of the low-carb, weight loss effort (still having success although more slowly than at the start -- just crossed the -50 lb. mark). I decided not to break that streak today, although a nice glass of wine (or even a bad one) would have been welcome!

We sat on the patio. Dare I hope that it is cooling off enough to lounge out-of-doors, at least in the evenings? And oddly one of my five coworkers was at the next table. Small world (or really popular place I guess)!

One of the professors said something that struck me as motivational for students. I thought it would be a good opener or overall concept for a study guide. He's done the math/analysis on tests over the years and how grades change for students over time. And he's figured out that only 20% of the outcome of tests is determined by the test itself (whether it's hard, etc.); 80% is based on the individual student and how much s/he puts into studying. So, to students he says (or at least thinks) -- whatever you got on the last test is probably what you're going to get on the next test unless you CHANGE SOMETHING. Because the tests aren't really going to change anything. That's probably a good rule of thumb for life too.

There was also another wife at the table who's not strictly math-y (although she does work with numbers). She's lived in Baton Rouge since childhood and had lots of good tips -- ranging from grocery shopping to movie going to house buying. And she's even already sent me a list of links for things to do -- my kind of girl! Apparently they do their screen on the green type things in the fall when it's cool enough to sit outside ... funny!

But now I'm up too late. The couch is coming in the morning ... a little nervous about bonded leather and not getting a warranty ... and it's game weekend so our complex is rocking ... partying started last night. Woo hoo?

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