Never use exclamation points! EVER!

I think I'm going to break that rule and use them at the end of every sentence in this post!

And how about not copying everyone and their mother on this sage piece of advice?!

I will get over it! And he does have a point!

But I also resent having to get an e-mail reviewed by 5 people before it can be sent! When at the same time being told I'm going to have heaps of responsibility, ready or not! I think NOT!

I just don't know what the wise thing to do is! Press on, I guess!

Consolation -- I have the sweetest photo of a baby Owen posted in my cubicle! He's wearing a little rainbow crocheted cap! And he is such a happy kid! It's fun to look back at baby pictures knowing a little bit more of the story! And what a great kid he is and is still turning into!

Spring Break 2005!
September 2010!


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "Sage" anyway???


Anonymous said...

FOR the love!

you spoke of a "Sage piece of advice"...

(that gets me off the hook)

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